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Dr. Natalie Levy

Natalie’s current post-doctoral research focuses on enhancing coral larvae recruitment on biomimetic micro-engineered habitats, using settlement-inducing chemical cues for coral reef restoration. Natalie received her Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Her Ph.D. research focused on innovating tools and methods for coral reef restoration using 3D technology and molecular biology. She developed a novel method for 3D printing and fabricating large-scale biomimetic coral reefs from ceramic and an evaluation metric using environmental DNA (eDNA). The impact of her work has been recognized and featured by several international media outlets including BBC Science Focus, Newsweek, Hero Magazine, and SYFY Wire. Natalie earned her master’s degree in marine biology and ecology with academic excellence from James Cook University in Australia. Her master’s research was conducted at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, aimed at developing a novel biological control method for mitigating crown-of-thorns sea stars (CoTS). Natalie is a contributing member of oSTEM (Out in STEM) and of the 500 Queer Scientists movement to provide visibility for anyone looking to form connections and representation in STEM. In their spare time, they enjoy diving or snorkeling, traveling, hiking, and exploring new places to eat.

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