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Dr. Claudia Tatiana Galindo Martínez

Ph.D. Penn State University, PA, USA
M.Sc. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Puerto Morelos, Mexico
B.Sc. Universidad del Mar Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tati is a post-doctoral scholar at Tresguerres Lab, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD and a guest post-doctoral scholar at the CRE Lab. Her current research projects focus on characterizing the coral tissue structure, including the distribution of Green Fluorescent Proteins (GFPs) and microalgae in shallow and mesophotic corals, as well as understanding the variations in the optical properties of shallow and mesophotic coral skeletons. Additionally, Tati´s research also focuses on 3D bioprinting Symbiodiniaceae algae and coral cells to better understand their physiology and their interaction when living in symbiosis. Tati received her Ph.D. from Penn State University. Her Ph.D. research focused on understanding the optical feedback loop that leads corals to bleaching and describing mechanisms that allow corals to recover after bleaching. She developed a numerical model that predicts the internal light environment in corals based on the tissue and skeletal optical properties. Tati earned her master´s degree in marine biology from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Her master´s research focused on understanding the effect of water temperature and irradiance on coral calcification. Tati received her B.S. degree in Marine biology from Universidad del Mar Puerto Angel in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her B.S. research focused on describing the coral skeleton optical properties of two sibling coral species (Orbicella favelolata and O. annularis) and their implications in their light absorption capacity and efficiency. Tati is a Zapotec woman from Oaxaca, México. She likes spending time with her loved ones and swimming and walking on the beach with her dog. Tati has a strong commitment to increasing opportunities and diversity in STEM.

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